The Costs

The cost of a clearance varies for different reasons, size of property and the amount to be cleared being the obvious ones.

A general guide of how the cost is calculated.

  • If the property contents have no resale value, is cluttered or verminous, then we have to make a charge to cover our labour and costs.
  • If some of the contents have a small resale value, we would offset this against the clearance cost.
  • If the property contains antiques or collectables which have a high resale value, then we will agree on a price that we are both happy with and pay you for the contents. We always hope to pay you more than would be achieved in an auction room.

We believe our rates to be extremely competitive when you consider doing it yourself - hiring a skip will cost between £160-£200 + permit, and you may need several of these if you have large or bulky items, such as sofas and beds.

There are also many items that are not allowed in skips, tv's, fridges, freezers are just a few of them, and his does not include your time or equipment needed to complete the job as well.